Tasty Japanese food in Bristol

Eatchu launched in April 2016 at Bristol’s Harbourside Market, with Guy & Vic serving up just two flavours of gyoza – pork & garlic chive, or spinach & tofu.

Gyoza turned out to be a big hit with Bristol’s lunchtime crowd and eatchu was soon a regular at the three weekly Harbourside Markets as well as trading every Thursday evening at Brewdog on Baldwin street. Originally trading under umbrellas on Exchange Avenue, you can now find them cooking inside The Old Mess Room itself.

Eatchu are now delivering bags of their famous gyoza for you to cook and enjoy at home! Gyoza are delivered frozen and can be cooked from frozen, so these dumplings are ready whenever you are.

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Delivering: Yes
The Old Mess Room, St Nicks Market, Exchange Avenue, Bristol BS1 1JQ