Bristol Food Union is an informal collective of restaurants, food businesses and community organisations that have come together across-sectors to ensure that the city of Bristol stays fed during the Covid-19 crisis.

Organised by Aine Morris of Food Union Media, Josh Eggleton of the Pony & Trap group and Steph Wetherell of Bristol Food Producers, this unique collaboration brings together the city’s best independent restaurants, with local farmers, food retailers and community food infrastructure, to support Bristol city council’s emergency food provision. 

We will be sharing information, showing you how to help and organising Bristol’s restaurant community to get food to those who need it most. 

Over the past months we have created secure production kitchens in closed restaurants around the city. We are supporting Caring in Bristol to feed 500 homeless citizens each day. We are providing meals for the vulnerable in the Chew Valley area. We are delivering weekly food provisions to 100 vulnerable adults who have recently left the foster-care system, and we are providing a hot-meal daily to workers across the frontline including social care and emergency services.

With your help we can continue to expand this essential emergency food provision, whilst also supporting our restaurants and food producers through this time of crisis.

The Bristol Food Union board has 7 non executive directors:

Aine Morris (executive)
Steve Ashworth
Dominic Borel
Marti Burgess
James Koch
Tessa Lidstone
Kieren Waite

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