Bristol Food Union is a non-profit social enterprise born in March 2020 in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

At a time of unprecedented challenges, Bristol’s citizens and food community came together to support our independent hospitality sector, and keep our most vulnerable well-fed. 

Helping our food, farming and hospitality community to recover from the challenges of Covid and Brexit is essential and ongoing work.

Our mission is to help build a thriving good food economy for Bristol. We see a city uniquely well-placed to showcase the benefits of a relocalised, regenerative food economy.

A city where our independent and community food sectors are economically strong and resilient, and able to handle incoming climate shocks.

A city where our cafes and restaurants help feed our hungriest citizens, and everyone has access to delicious, nutritious food regardless of their background or income.

Bristol Food Union is for anyone who cares about independent, ethically produced food, and how to access it.

Whether you’re a food or hospitality business, a farmer, cheese-maker, baker, food activist, or simply a person who loves to eat… join Bristol Food Union and help us build a better food future.

Latest News

Every Friday, Bristol Food Union rounds up available jobs in food, farming and hospitality, and shares them with budding job hunters looking for work.

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