At Bristol Food Union we understand the power of food to sustain us when times get tough.

As we face an uncertain winter ahead, we want to help make sure that no Bristolian goes hungry. If you are struggling to access food for yourself or your family, help is out there!

If you are an individual that needs help feeding here are links to local services:

Bristol City council Covid food help

Family action food club

Bristol Food Network summary of local services

We do understand that some families are falling through the gaps, and struggling to source food from traditional support services. In some cases it might simply be that you cannot leave your home and need food delivered to your door. If none of the above services can help you, you can contact us on:, or call 0117 251 0256

Calls can be made confidentially and we will do our best to help

During the first lockdown, our Feed the Frontline initiative delivered weekly meals to NHS departments as well as weekly provision boxes to Project Mama (a support charity for displaced women in Bristol).

The scheme ran from March to August 2020, supplying over 12,500 meals to frontline workers & vulnerable communities across Bristol, 2,000 food boxes to foster-care leavers, and 420 provisions boxes to Mama’s in need. This amazing effort was coordinated by a group of incredible volunteers, while your donation paid for local restaurants to get meals to the people who needed them most.

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