Round-up film: Race, inclusion & diversity

On Sunday 23rd May, we faced torrential downpours and gale-force winds to come together and unpick some of the issues around race, diversity, and inclusion in Bristol food.

What emerged was an inspiring conversation about building a food community that operates for the benefit and inclusion of all, regardless of race, wealth, or postcode.

We heard some challenging feedback about whether our food community is genuinely open to participation and some motivating examples of the work that people are undertaking in communities all over the city.

The aim of these talks was to create space for a new kind of discussion to emerge, one that empowers projects and communities to get involved in co-creating active local food communities.

It takes a city like Bristol to bring courage and listening when hosting conversations like this. We found the discussion a really hopeful sign of what is possible, and how with the right approach to inclusion and participation, we have the opportunity to build the food systems we need for the future.

Watch on for a taste of how the discussion went down…

Our next event, coming up on Sunday 20th June is: Who ‘influences’ our food? A discussion on the role of print and social media in influencing our food choices.