Yossi Foods

The team at Yossi Foods would like to offer direct deliveries from our factory to the doorstep. We produce genuine Middle Eastern falafel which come frozen in bags of approximately 50 balls, good for a year in the freezer. They are healthy and most importantly delicious! We are now also able to offer frozen pitta bread to accompany the falafel, which come in bags of 5 (either wholemeal or white). We are in the process of putting together a “falafel box” which would contain 30 falafel balls, 1 bag of pitta, jar of pickled lemon spread (to add to salad dressing) and a jar of prepared tehini sauce along with salad vegetables (tomato & cucumber etc).
Prices: 1kg frozen falafel Р£10; 1 bag of 5 pitta Р£2.50; Falafel Box Р£35 (meal for 5)
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Delivering: Yes
Phone: 07961 810352