Shipshape and Bristol Fashion Gin

Shipshape and Bristol Fashion was lovingly born in a kitchen in Long Ashton in 2018.

Inspired by our founders love of all things maritime- unruly pirates, the sights and sounds of the docks, the craft of ship making and the scent of the sea.

Carefully sourced for quality and providence, ingredients such 
as wild honey from Flax Bourton, locally grown rhubarb come together in perfect harmony to create unexpected loveliness.
The 15 litre copper alembic stills produceS each drop of the carefully crafted gin distilled by the founder-  A small batch, perfectly made, Shipshape & Bristol Fashion.

The first gin in the range contains 12 botanicals and features fennel, fresh grapefruit peel and local Flax Bourton Honey and the second is a pink gin featuring allotment grown rhubarb and honey.

Delivering: Yes