HUA! Kitchen

HUA! Kitchen specialises in the making of authentic, bold-flavoured and nutrition-balanced Chinese-Malaysian ready-meals, for those are too busy to cook or don’t have the original recipe, but still fancy a cheeky adventurous taste.

Dolly and Zi are the two proud chefs behind HUA! and its bold dishes, who share the passion for food and the experience of cooking since childhood in their home countries. HUA! (华. 華. huá.) means colourful and prosperous, also means the collective Chinese ethnic group, connecting Dolly (Chinese) and Zi (Chinese Malaysian).

The food we make is based on the unique recipes created by us with our memories of the good food we have in Malaysia.

We can take pre-orders and deliver on every Sunday. Locals can order from us by DM on social media. Alternatively, we can also take orders on UberEats and Deliveroo.

Delivering: Yes - a limited delivery range is in place however.