Homewood Cheeses

Based in Ubley in the beautiful Chew Valley, just south of Bristol, we make our cheeses by hand with ewes milk from a Somerset flock.

Our range of cheeses include our Fresh Ewes Cheese (curd), Hello Ewe (halloumi-style), Pickled Ewes Cheese (feta-style), soft white cheeses Aveline and Lamb Leer and a family of washed curd cheeses including Tibb.

We have a number of outlets for our cheese, mainly, but not exclusively, around Bristol, the South West and London.

Support us by buying locally from Hugos Greengrocers, Bristol Cheesemonger, Source and Better Food. All found on this website.

Whether you are a wholesaler, retailer, chef or an individual looking to buy our cheese please give us a call.


Phone: 01761 463 498
Unit 4, The Old Sawmill, Ubley, Bristol, BS40 6PE