For Mice & Men

For Mice & Men was a far-fetched idea hatched in 2014 by a rather wily Brit (Vic) and her absolute legendary partner (American Tim). To offer the best grilled cheese sandwiches ever.¬†Six years later we’re just as wily. And legendary.

We now offer these legendary sandwiches online.

To order our various grilled cheese sandwiches simply visit our website.

Takeaway & Delivery | Wednesday – Friday
Pick-up: 11am – 12pm – see address below
Delivery Order Deadline: by 12pm | Deliveries start @ 12pm

*HALF PRICE for NHS workers* A small gesture to show our huge appreciation for you. Apply the coupon NHS_LOVE at checkout.

Delivering: Yes - Wednesday - Friday
Phone: 07752647629
Mice & Men @ TheSundialKitchen 291 North Street Bristol BS3 1JP