You helped to feed the frontline!

Over this unprecedented time of national crisis, Bristol’s restaurant community have worked tirelessly to ensure as many people as possible get fed. We understand the power of food to sustain us when times get tough. 

We wanted to make sure that vulnerable communities struggling to access good food, along with all frontline workers delivering long and difficult hours across the NHS, didn’t have to worry about cooking healthy, nutritious meals for themselves or their families.

Since we launched our campaign March 27th, we have:

  • Raised more than £140,700 in donations and support from all of you, and thanks to Rob del Naja’s artwork fire-sale!
  • Delivered more than 7,000 meals to frontline communities and NHS services to-date
  • Paid £28,000 so far (£4 per meal) to Bristol’s independent restaurants and suppliers to help produce these meals.
  • Delivered more than 700 weekly provisions boxes to foster-care leavers across the city, plus hosted online cook-alongs to help them use the ingredients
  • Donated chefs and kitchens staff to the Caring in Bristol ‘Cheers Drive’ initiative, which has produced 35,000 meals for Bristol’s homeless citizens to-date
  • We have now achieved our crowd-funding target and will continue to feed vulnerable communities in Bristol until the end of June

Joyce, ‘Queen of the Mead’

What next?

Whilst the short-term health crisis is beginning to pass, it has become clear that the people thrown into severe food-poverty due the economic crisis will need our support for sometime. We have achieved our fundraising target of £100,000 to help us to keep feeding 500 people per day until the end of June,

With restaurants looking unlikely to re-open before mid-July, plus physical distancing rules meaning many will be unable to re-open at all, this project continues to provide much needed income for restaurants, and much needed food to frontline communities

The Food Union now plans to take a dual focus; prioritizing frontline communities across the city, where sudden changes in circumstances have led to a spike in food poverty and a huge increase in the use of food banks – whilst also ensuring that frontline NHS workers, for whom the issue has been primarily logistical rather than financial, can still access nutritious, discounted food.

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