A sustainable fish masterclass from BOX-E

Speakers: Tess and Elliott

Join us for a very special fish skills master class from Elliott and Tessa Lidstone of BOX-E

Elliott will guide you through filleting, preparing and cooking 3 different fish.

He’ll also talk about sustainability and seasonality, giving you the skills to buy, prepare and cook beautiful fresh fish in the most economical and sustainable way resulting in 3 delicious dishes.


To Start: Rainbow Trout Ceviche

For Main: Pan fried plaice with fish and summer vegetable broth

For Later: Pickled herring to be marinated overnight and used in a new potato salad


Ticket price: £15 + booking fee

Duration: 1 hour demo on Zoom

Ingredients: You’ll receive a detailed shopping list along with recommendations of some wonderful fishmongers who are primed supply you with your BFU MasterClass box of sustainably sourced fish.