Our global food crisis is massive and complex.

But here’s what we know to be true…

Food has the power to change everything.

If we change the game around how we make and eat our food, we can reconnect people to the seasons, land, and environment.

We believe Bristol has the potential to become a leading example of how a city can feed itself in the face of economic uncertainty and climate disruption.

We collaborate across our food, farming, and hospitality sectors to help build on Bristol’s potential as a truly extraordinary food city.

By making a regular donation to Bristol Food Union, you are helping to:

  • Support our city’s farmers, food producers, restaurants and chefs to upskill their businesses, and deal with the converging challenges of Covid and Brexit
  • Bring more young people into the industry, giving them the skills they need to transform the industry from the inside out
  • Build a city-wide community of knowledgeable citizens, willing to take action on behalf of the food community

You can choose to make a one-off donation or set up a regular monthly payment to support the work of the Bristol Food Union into 2022.

Bristol Food Union is a not-for-profit, community interest company. We are not a registered charity, and as such Gift Aid cannot be claimed.

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