Total raised

On 17th March this year, in the face of a looming global pandemic, some of Bristol’s restaurants, caterers, and community food organisations came together with one simple aim; To raise money from the public, use it to pay restaurants to produce meals for people in need, keep income moving down the supply chain & hopefully help some businesses stay afloat.

Of the £151,350 raised, we spent £47,806 paying restaurants to feed those in need (none of the restaurants we worked with have a Michelin star), we spent £11,000 funding the Thali Cafe in Easton to make meals for the National Food Service, we created 420 culturally appropriate weekly food boxes for refugee mums on behalf of Project Mama UK, and we funded £9,000 worth of fruit and veg for the Easton Cowboys veg box initiative. Easton, more than any other area of the city, were recipients of the funds raised.